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Wisdom of the Bees: Sacred Bee Medicine Weekend 8/27-29

August 27, 2021 @ 12:00 am - August 29, 2021 @ 12:00 am

Wisdom of the Bees: Sacred Bee Medicine Weekend 8/27-29

This weekend will be an exploration into the world of bees. In their flight we find the wisdom hidden within beauty. In their hum we find the heart of creation.

The bees with their sweetness and light have inspired mankind for thousands of years creating a rich fabric of myth, medicine, tradition, and magic inspired by their very existence. Let us explore this beautiful web and how we can enter into sacred relationship with these beings.

Come immerse yourself in the wisdom and magic of the bees.

  • Who are the Bees? An overview of the evolution of bees on this planet.
  • Love & Pollination
  • The Human-Apian relationship
  • Ancient Ways of working with Honeybees
  • Honeybees and The Divine Feminine
  • Sacred Beekeeping Practices
  • The Plight of the Bees
  • Rewilding The Bees
  • Apitherapy & Ritual – working with the medicines of the hive (honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, & venom)


Below is a general outline of what we will cover – a detailed schedule & more information are provided when you register

  • Arrive to farm, set up camp, settle in.
  • In the early evening we will gather for an opening circle guided by Courtney.
  • We will then do dinner.
  • After dinner presentation: Who are the Bees?- A story of evolution, love, and pollination.
  • Morning session – Apitherapy and Ritual Part 1- Wax and Honey– Inside the hive we will begin to explore the alchemy and medicines of the hive. In this session we will dive deep into Wax and Honey from traditional usage, deeper symbolism, medicine making, their role within the hive, and more. Courtney will be bringing whole combs and will be showing how she processes these medicines directly from the hive.
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session- The Human-Apian Relationship- From Ancient Traditions to Modern Beekeeping. We will travel through time to explore the rich web of medicine, magic, and myth inspired by the honeybees. From there we will explore how we may weave ancient traditions and wisdom into modern day beekeeping practices so we may return to sacred relationship in our work with them.
  • Dinner
  • After dark- Honoring the Bees- Courtney will lead a special ceremony and circle honoring the bees in our beautiful yurt. After folks are invited to sip mead and share stories and songs around the fire.
  • Morning Session- Apitherapy and Ritual Part 2- Pollen, Propolis, & Venom. In this session we will continue to explore the medicines of the hive. Courtney will demonstrate how to make medicine from Propolis and share some of the many uses of this medicine made from bees and trees.
  • Closing talk- Rewilding the Bees- The Future of Beekeeping. Courtney will share her rewilding work and the recent research and work she has been doing with the honeybees. This will also be an open discussion for folks to share their ideas and thoughts on how we can continue to support and honor the bees.

Sacred Bee Medicine Weekend

The Details…

BIPOC: One full scholarship available, please email us for details

Covid Adaptations

Depending on conditions, workshops will be limited to the allowed number of participants & will be held in covered but open outdoor structures &/or outside with social distancing; we follow appropriate sanitation & masking practices


Various indoor options available at the farm or nearby (private or shared tiny house, hostel, AirBnB, studio apartment, etc.); because options change with the season, we’ll send info upon request – generally, they range from $50-$100/night


$299 includes all workshop activities & supplies, platform or meadow camping (with use of bathhouse), morning & mid-day organic feasts (vegan, paleo, & food intolerance savvy) & evening festivities

Refund Policy

  • Cancel one week or more before the workshop: full refund minus a $99 cancellation fee
  • Cancel less than a week before the workshop: registration transferable to another workshop, minus a $99 cancellation fee

Courtney is deeply passionate about sharing the wisdom and magic of bees and plants with the world.

Courtney Cosgriff

Courtney is a sacred beekeeper, clinical herbalist, flower essence practitioner, gardener, & medicine maker. Courtney began her path with the honeybees in 2011 after experiencing two near death experiences, which led her to begin studying with a beekeeper. Courtney spent years studying and apprenticing with various beekeepers until forming her own path and relationship to the bees centered around a deep reverence and fascination with the myth, magic, & mystery surrounding them. Courtney is a graduate and returning Rahibe at the College of the Melissae Center for Sacred Beekeeping in Ashland, Oregon. She has traveled to Egypt and beyond studying the ancient and sacred ways humans have worked with honeybees. In addition to this work Courtney is passionate about activism and education on behalf of pollinator conservation. She has been an educator and has worked on many projects on behalf of pollinator conservation in Colorado since beginning her path. Courtney launched her business Honeybee Herbals in 2017 where she combines her work with the bees with her work with the plants. She is deeply passionate about sharing the wisdom and magic of bees and plants with the world.


This 3-day workshop is $299

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August 27, 2021 @ 12:00 am
August 29, 2021 @ 12:00 am


Elderberry’s Farm
1978 Harding Road
Paonia, CO 81428 United States
720-722-4372 text please

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