Summer Honey Bee Medicine

Weekend Immersion Connecting with Nature
of the Honey Bee at Elderberry’s in Paonia


July 24-26, 2020
[Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon]
INSTRUCTORS Sebastian Berisford, Courtney Cosgriff,
and Lisa Ganora


FRIDAY | Honeybees have inspired countless cultures and peoples around the world for thousands of years. As a result, we find a rich web of myth, story, and deep symbolism inspired by them. Before diving into a weekend of learning about the Honeybee we will first take time to explore the deeper spiritual context of their existence and what they are here to teach us as well as how we can best serve them for generations to come. This opening circle will combine storytelling and ritual as a way to introduce and honor the sacred honeybee.

Minoan Bee Goddess

1. Honey bee physiology and life cycle
2. Past, present, future of beekeeping
3. Honey bee management styles, principles
4. Challenges facing Honey bees and other pollinators, and potential solutions
5. Hands-on time with live hives

SUNDAY | Honey Pharmacy
How to make potent herbal medicines with honey extraction.
We’ll learn about how to use honey as an extraction medium for various herbs and medicinal berries, and we’ll make a super-potent version of Elderberry Elixir (syrup) and Beyond Fire Cider (oxymel).

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A box built by Sebastian imitates a hollow tree.

| Sebastian Berisford has been deeply fascinated with Honey bees and other pollinators for most of his life, boldly declaring to his mother at age six that he would one day become a beekeeper. Twenty-four years later his life settled down enough to put his theoretical knowledge into practice when he built his first beehives and then filled them with wild and temperamental feral bees. He now lives in Paonia, Colorado where he continues to build his practical knowledge of Honey bees by reimagining century-old hive designs and honey bee management practices.

| Courtney Cosgriff was born and raised in Colorado. She began her journey with honeybees in 2011, she studied with various beekeepers before apprenticing with a natural beekeeper for over 5 years. She has dedicated much of her life to being a voice for the bees including being a community educator in Denver working to educate children on the importance of bees and other pollinators. Throughout her years as a beekeeper, Courtney has had a long fascination with the history and spiritual traditions around beekeeping. This has led her to travel to places such as Egypt and Slovenia and to also study at The College of The Melissae in Ashland, Oregon, a center for Sacred Beekeeping that explores history, myth, and ancient beekeeping traditions. In addition to her work as a beekeeper, Courtney is also a clinical herbalist, nutritionist, & flower essence practitioner. She combines all her passions and skills into her business Honeybee Herbals which she launched in 2017.


| Website Honeybee Herbals

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DATES | JULY 24-26, 2020 [Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon]
LOCATION | Elderberry’s Farm, Paonia, Colorado

2020 Workshops will be limited to 10 people due to COVID-19 regulation.

| General Public:
$ 249.00 [Supplies/Camping]
| Current CSCH Students:
$ 199.00 [Supplies/Camping]
| North Fork Valley Neighbors:
$ 199.00 [No Camping
INCLUDES Tent camping and lunch both days. Additional lodging options are available in Paonia and at Elderberry’s Farm.

| Cancel one week or more before the workshop:
 Full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee.
| Cancel less than a week before the workshop:
 Full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee.