Vitalist Medicine Making Weekend

 at Elderberry’s in Paonia


May 29-31, 2020
[Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon]
INSTRUCTORS Kat Delaney and Lisa Ganora

| Learn the old-world apothecary
art of honey pharmacy

On Saturday we will:

  • Make a potent herbal honey using the low-heat, fresh-herb infusion method and discuss formulation / applications
  • Make an Arabic-style honey paste with suspended herbal powders (two formulations) and learn the calculations needed to create the perfect consistency and concentration
  • Make botanical pharmacist-style honey-rolled herbal pills using a vintage manual wood & brass pill rolling machine
  • These traditional preparations can be used as substitutes for alcohol extracts / tinctures
  • Detailed handouts provided
  • Take your products home!

| Learn the art of home distillation
for making hydrosols and essential oils

On Sunday we will:

  • Discuss the art of distillation and how to use home-made hydrosols and essential oils
  • Load and run a 2-liter glass essential oil distiller
  • Demonstrate how to make hydrosols at home using common kitchen equipment
  • Learn about the safe and effective use of home-distilled products
  • Detailed handouts provided
  • Take your products home!

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| Kat Delaney, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, CCH, CN
Kat is the Director of the CSCH Aromatherapy course. Her interest in herbal therapeutics and healing modalities began in 1992 with a focus on Aromatherapy, and later developed into a fascination with herbalism and nutrition. Over the years she has studied the art, science and safety of essential oils, medicine-making and herbalism with various teachers. In 2011, she became certified as a Clinical Aromatherapist through the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy (with Laraine Pounds, RN, MSN, CMT). Kat is a certified Level 2 NAHA member.

In 2015, moved by the plethora of questionable information on the internet and the increasingly unsafe use of essential oils by the public, Kat developed Esenta, The Aromaticum App as a means to provide safe and reliable information on the therapeutic uses and dilutions of EO. Kat then continued her studies in the healing arts at CSCH, where she earned her certifications in Clinical Herbalism and Nutrition. She currently lectures on various topics in the CSCH Fundamentals and Advanced programs, writes articles on aromatherapy, and offers workshops to students and the public on topics including medicine-making, EO safety and toxicology, and comparing herbalism with aromatherapy. In addition to her focus on education, Kat offers all-natural body care products, custom natural perfumes, and holistic health support through her business, Roots of Alchemy / Esenta, LLC.

| Lisa Ganora
the Director of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO, and has lectured and taught classes at numerous schools and conferences around the U.S. Lisa began studying herbs in the Wise Woman Tradition back in 1986 and fell profoundly in love with medicinal plants and natural healing. While studying wildcrafting and medicine-making with traditional herbalists from New England to the Appalachian Mountains for ten years, she began creating herbal products and traveled the festival circuit with an herb booth and as a workshop presenter and Moonlodge leader. In 1997 Lisa decided to study botany, chemistry, and health sciences at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and graduated with the highest honors and several awards. Lisa combines a deep understanding of traditional, Vitalist herbalism with a scientifically-integrated and holistic approach to natural health. When not busy with nerdy things like Herbal Constituents, she likes to howl with Wolves, Coyotes, and Dogs, sneak around in the dark, sing to the Moon, and dance dance dance.

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DATES | May 29-31, 2020 [Friday Evening thru Sunday Afternoon]
LOCATION | Elderberry’s Farm, Paonia, Colorado

2020 Workshops will be limited to 10 people due to COVID-19 regulation.

| Weekend, General Public:
$ 249.00
| Weekend, Current CSCH Students
and North Fork Valley Neighbors:
$ 199.00
| Saturday Only, General Public: $ 99.00
| Saturday Only, Current CSCH Students
and North Fork Valley Neighbors:
$ 69.00
| Sunday Only, General Public: $ 99.00
| Sunday Only, Current CSCH Students
and North Fork Valley Neighbors:
$ 69.00

Some trade and work-exchange may be available for local folks.

| Weekend includes
supplies, lunch, and camping.
Additional lodging options are available in Paonia and at Elderberry’s Farm.

| Day Options includes includes supplies, lunch, and camping.

| Cancel one week or more before the workshop:
 Full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee.
| Cancel less than a week before the workshop:
 Full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee.