Wise Women Week

with Lisa Ganora, CSCH Director and Friends

Join us at Elderberry’s in the beautiful Colorado mountains for five days of deep connection with the Green Teachers, learning how to craft traditional healing foods and herbs, journeying with Plant Spirits in a sacred grove, celebrating and renewing our Wild Hearts and Spirits!

August 29 – September 2, 2019
[Thursday thru Monday]

ABOUT | Merging tradition, sensory experience, spirit, art and science, the Wise Woman Week is all about cultivating your herbal instincts and connecting with the healing plants as our direct teachers. Learn about edible and medicinal uses for wild & domestic herbs and foods from both the plants as teachers and we who listen to and love them. We will taste, touch, smell, and learn with our hearts, minds, and bodies, tuning in to the unique medicine of the plants as our ancestors have done for generations.

Through the practice of sensory connection, we experience the profound relationship between people and plants: understanding the language of the natural world through direct experience … a down-to-Earth method of plant communication! You will also learn practical skills of plant identification, harvesting, and preparation of herbal medicines.

Join in for early morning walks to sing up the Sun, learn Vitalist practices to awaken your life energy, cultivate your intuition, and enjoy the healing and cleansing powers of herbal smudging. We will also join together to cook medicinal meals with health-promoting, nutrient-dense foods and spices. At night, we’ll celebrate our connection to the Green world with song and story around the creekside firepit as Coyotes sing in the background.

Camping (we have tent platforms now!) and local, organic meals are included in the regular price. Please email us if you’d like to reserve a tiny house at Elderberry’s for the weekend.

INSTRUCTOR | Lisa Ganora
the Director of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO, and has lectured and taught classes at numerous schools and conferences around the U.S. Lisa began studying herbs in the Wise Woman Tradition back in 1986 and fell profoundly in love with medicinal plants and natural healing. While studying wildcrafting and medicine-making with traditional herbalists from New England to the Appalachian Mountains for ten years, she began creating herbal products and traveled the festival circuit with an herb booth and as a workshop presenter and Moonlodge leader. In 1997 Lisa decided to study botany, chemistry, and health sciences at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and graduated with highest honors and several awards. Lisa combines a deep understanding of traditional, Vitalist herbalism with a scientifically-integrated and holistic approach to natural health. When not busy with nerdy things like Herbal Constituents, she likes to howl with Wolves, Coyotes and Dogs, sneak around in the dark, sing to the Moon, and dance dance dance.

DATES | August 29 – September 2, 2019 [Thursday thru Monday]
LOCATION | Elderberry’s Farm, Paonia, Colorado

|General Public: $ 499.00
| Current CSCH Students: $ 399.00
| North Fork Valley Neighbors: $ 399.00

Cancel one week or more before the workshop:  Full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee.
Cancel less than a week before the workshop: Full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee.